Amelia Jane is a weave designer based in Bristol. She creates fresh and contemporary woven designs.  She produces soft furnishings including throws, blankets, scarves and small zip bags. The materials she uses are a variety of different wools for example: merino wool, lambswool, one hundred percent British wool and some alpaca.

Her colour palette is bright and bold combined with softly accented colours so that the attention is focused on the pattern other than just the colourway. She combines multiple ‘basic weave’ techniques which has now become her signature style. This is inspired by looking at everyday objects, which most people would not take notice to, and then bringing them to life.


A representation of this could be her spring/summer 17 collection working with drain covers and road markings alongside honeycomb and plain weave. ‘Basic woven’ techniques create a beautiful and contemporary feel while still keeping it simple.

Amelia's current collection still has the elements from her previous collection, however, it is more refined and a very small colour palette. She was also inspired by Scandinavian design- simple, minimal and clean. 

Every woven design is created on Amelia's table loom. From making the warp, winding and threading onto the loom to finishing the product, it takes Amelia 25-30 hours to produce one design. All the woven designs and products are handmade and hand finished. 

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